martes, 8 de febrero de 2011


Oh, California!

I've been North and East and South
Which one is the best?
I found people are the same all over
But the sunshine's in the West

I warn ya'
I'm coming back to California
Lend me a shack and I'll perform you
All kinds of happy songs to ease your pain
Think of all we will gain
We'll be sunny until it starts to rain

Let me inform ya'
I'm coming home to California
Concrete and chromium adorn ya'
Land of McDonald's and the Ice Capades
Think of all the blonde braids
We'll be happy behind the rose-colored shades

They say it’s the wave of the future
But the future Is looking grim
'Cause when the oil meets the redwoods
And the sun grows dim

Then I can warn ya'
We're all gonna live in California
Wherever we live is California
Where the road of tomorrow is a dead-end doubt
If we won't change the route
Let's be happy
Until the sun goes out